Trail Run + Hurdle Kayak Race

Teams are required to tackle the 35km-challenge course that combines trail run, road run, hurdle kayak race.

For those who like to breakthrough the ability can join the Elite Route with less cut off time.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Date : May 6th 2018  Sunday

Who is qualified to join the race : Participants must be in the category of age range and within the same calendar year of the event.

Deadline: 20th March, 2018.  ​NO registration on race day

RUNYAK  $380/head.    FUNYAK  $350/head. 

Every runners’ registration fee’s HK$50 will be donated to Green Earth. 


or offline  

Application Form and bank slip please email to or Whatsapp 91350041.

Entry includes:

  • DIY recycle Bib
  • Handmade finisher medal if finished in the limit race time.(handmade soap)
  • First 300’s registered runners can get a limited version Sunfish water resistant Torch
  • Runner Tee(Optional)
  • Pre-race Training(Optional)
  • Water and Food at check points
  • You are invited to come the Camper Party after the race, Beer & coconutwater contest, fitness contest, Busking on Stage and Lucky Draw. Don’t miss it!
    – Plantronics HK bluetooth sport earphone 16pairs, Newbalance Sport GPS watch 6pcs and some more prizes are waiting for you to find out!
    – Germany handmade beer, coconut water, juice, vietnam noodle and Sukiyaki BBQ for you after the race.

​Runners can buy Runner Tee optionally for $100/pc, and will be donated to Green Earth after deducted the cost $50.


(Attention: The route of the race has to be changed cause of restricted area is valid on the race day,

we cancel part of road run.

Elite and Challenge race will be increased the distance to 37 km, limit time is 5 hrs 15 mins,

Challenge race limit time is 7 hrs 30 mins.

Explore Race will be changed the starting point at Sha Ha Beach, increased the distance to 22 km, limit time is 5 hrs 15 mins.

Experience Race will be increased the distance to 10 km, limit time is 5 hrs 15 mins.)

Categories :


Runner Tee Size :



Date: ​Sunday May 6, 2018
Venue: Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung
On-site check-in and bag drop will start at 7:30am.

​Start Time and Point :
8:30am Elite  Sai Kung Pak Tam Chung
8:45am Challenge  Sai Kung Pak Tam Chung

9:00am  Explore  Sai Kung Pak Tam Chung
10:00am  Experience  Sai Kung Sha Ha Beach

​Route of the Race :

Elite & Challenge Race

Explore Race

Experience Race

For the runners it is a team event. ​
Participants have to go to all check points in order, according to the instructions marked on the route and stay with their teammates throughout the race, without being separated by more than 10 meters.
Organizer would provide PFD, each participant must wear a PFD (personal floating device) for kayak session.

Every runner will be provided with a race bib, race numbers must be visible at all times.

Taking part in the RUNNING HK involves accepting without reservation the current regulations and the ethic of the race. Breaking any of the rules may incur a time penalty or disqualification. Any such penalties are at the organizers’ discretion and are final.

​Littering is prohibited. Any participant found littering will disqualified.

There are check point with water and food.

Runners are required to be semi self-sufficient, and should carry a minimum of 1000mL of water (weather will be hot and humid). NO outside assistance is authorized beyond the limits of the check point (any food/drinks found on the course will be collected by the staff and the participant responsible will be penalized). Pacer and support runners are strictly prohibited.

First aid posts are positioned at check points . A medical control team is present during the entire duration of the event at the start/finish area. If it appears that a runner is in difficulty or seriously injured, it is essential that each runner helps anybody in danger and alerts the first aid point. Due to the difficulty of access of certain locations, one might have to wait for assistance for longer than anticipated. 

You may drop a bag at the start that you will collect at the finish.

Except for injury, a runner must not retire anywhere else other than at the check point. He must therefore inform the person in charge of the post, who definitively invalidates his race bib.

The organizer. Lifexplore HK Centre, has its own public liability insurance. This does not include personal accident of participants. We recommend that you have your own personal accident cover.

​The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the Event Rules, route and/or other arrangements as they deem appropriate.


Prevent the Traffic Jam, we suggest runners to come the starting point before 45 mins and please take public transportation for less pollution. 

Sai Kung Pak Tam Chung

1)Take Bus 92 from Diamond MTR Station to Sai Kung Bus Station or Bus 299 to Shatin MTR and then take Bus 299 to Sai Kung.

2)Take Minibus 1A from Choi Hung MTR Station to Sai Kung

Sai Kung Sha Ha Beach

1)Take Bus 92 from Diamond MTR Station to Sai Kung Bus Station or Bus 299 to Shatin MTR and then take Bus 299 to Sai Kung, and walk along the seashore about 10 minutes to the beach.

2)Take Minibus 1A from Choi Hung MTR Station to Sai Kung, and walk along the seashore about 10 minutes to the beach.


Runner Pack Reminder :

  1. Please self prepare a waterproof bag to keep your belongs.
  2. Each runner can keep one bag to keep at the starting point and pickup at the finish point,
  3. Runner Pack must be carry our number tag for labeling. Volunteers would distribute the tag on the race day.
  4. Runners must be pickup your own runner pack by your self.
  5. Please don’t keep money or valuables in the runner pack. The organizer will not take the liability if any loss or damage.

Important Things : 

Health Reminder

  • Runners should take your own risk to join the race, what if you feel uncomfortable or sickness, we suggest to see doctor and decide to join the race or not. If you feel uncomfortable during the race, please tell our staff or volunteers as soon as possible or call our emergency contact 91350041.

Safety Reminder

  • As the narrow trail and boat would be there on the race route, the organizer would distribute volunteers and staffs to make sure all runners keep in safe area, please listen to their instructions.
  • Don’t stay or selfie or take picture while the race starts and finish.


Pre-Race Running Training

Running HK 2018 Runners special offer, just need to pay HK$50, (AMEN Club will be donated per $30 to Green Earth)
you can get:
– Join AMEN Running Club for free.
– 3 classes of pre-race running training.
– Lead the training and share race preparation with the 5th Running HK 2017 Champion Team “Teamgarlic”.
Venue:Kowloon Park Sport Stadium
Date:April 9/16th(Monday)
Time:8pm – 9:30pm
Content:Pre-race preparation and post race recovery
Training : Core Training
High Intensity Interval Training
Stretching Technique and Fascia Relaxation
Race Route Trail:April 21st(Saturday)
Time:9am to 3pm
NG Ka Long Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Physical Training Instructor
AMEN Long Run Instructor


Pre-Race Kayak Training

Content:Skills Practice,pre race preparation,post race receovery.
Venue:Saikung Sha Ha Beach (Double seat Kayak)
Quota: 10 heads per group (each runner can join 1 session)
Date:April 15th(Sun)
1st Session   10:00am-12:00pm
2nd Session  1:30pm-3:30pm
Date:April 22nd(Sun)
1st Session   10:00am-12:00pm
2nd Session  1:30pm-3:30pm


Race Organizer :

  Lifexplore HK Centre

Beneficiary :  Green Earth

Sponsors : Klook, Cam2, Amen Club, Teamgarlic, Music Idol,

Support : Ah Kwok Water Sports Centre


We have joined “The Green Earth – Green Bottle Charter” .

No single-use bottled water will be provided during the race.

我們希望帶頭愛護環境,當日活動將有以下環保措施:Green Bottle logo

1. 支持源頭減廢,整個活動將不會提供即棄用品,請各參加者自備水樽。

2. 活動不會提供行李袋(相信大家屋企都有很多,記得自備一個防水大袋用來寄存行李)

3. 回收物及垃圾請集中處理

4. 請把鋁罐、膠樽、紙、廚餘及普通垃圾分門別類

5. 當日活動Banner布會被收集

6. 我們盡量減省不必要的紀念品!

7. 我們的活動支持「綠惜地球 – 綠瓶子承諾」,不會提供免費樽裝水,記得自己帶水來!